Our Story

Discovering The Surrogates Club: Unraveling its Objectives

Surrogacy Professionals Working Together

A Club founded and led by Individuals with Personal Surrogacy Experiences

What's more exciting than giving life ? What’s more rewarding that helping people to become parents ?

The Surrogates Club aims to help women who are considering giving the gift of parenthood to a couple or a single person by carrying their child. We believe this should be done in the best conditions and under the best circumstances.

We are passionate about helping families to have babies and supporting surrogates along this incredible path.

After developing 20 years of experience in gestational surrogacy, we decided to provide surrogate with the means to better understand and capture the essence of what becoming a surrogate means: it is not a one-shot story, but the project of one lifetime !

Woman Professional in Surrogacy

In fact, our CEO & founder was herself born through surrogacy , and has a deep personal understanding of the journey and the significance it holds for intended parents and surrogates alike. Motivated by her own story, she established The Surrogates Club with the goal of providing a compassionate and supportive environment for women who were interested in becoming surrogate. Having gone through the incredible journey of being born through surrogacy, the founder is driven to help other people to achieve the joy of parenthood. With first-hand knowledge and empathy, she aims to ensure that each individual's surrogacy journey is met with understanding, respect, and guidance.

In line with our commitment to authenticity and compassion, she ensured that everyone on her team has personally experienced surrogacy as a surrogate, intended parent, or someone born through surrogacy.

By founding The Surrogates Club, we seek to develop a community that celebrates the incredible gift of surrogacy while fostering strong relationships and offering unwavering support. The founder's personal journey as a child born through surrogacy serves as a powerful inspiration to guide and uplift others, making The Surrogates Club a place where dreams of building families come to fruition.