Our Objectives and Our strengths

Our Club's Mission to Support Women on the Surrogacy Journey

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Discovering The Surrogates Club: Unraveling its Objectives

Welcome to The Surrogates Club! Our primary goal is to assist women who aspire to become surrogates in achieving their dreamed project in a safe and nurturing environment. We strive to provide comprehensive support at every step of this incredible journey, from finding the perfect match to offering guidance during and after pregnancy.

At The Surrogates Club, we understand the importance of finding the right match between surrogates and intended parents. We are dedicated to creating strong and lasting connections, taking into consideration the preferences, values, and aspirations of each individual involved. Within our Club, we foster a supportive community where surrogate members can uplift one another, share experiences, and form deep bonds during their surrogacy journeys. We firmly believe in the power of this support network, providing a space where each woman can find encouragement, understanding, and friendship. And where they can create bonds and (maybe) strong friendship for life.

The Surrogates Club is not an agency, nor a simple place to find surrogates. We are passionate people and we work with experienced and ethical partners, who are the most important actors and institutions in surrogacy processes (such as the one listed in our page front page). We are the only one in the world and the unique spot of targeted advices and services specifically dedicated to surrogates’ population (or intented surrogate) and we want to provide them the most excellent services and advices ! How many times did we heard parents during their surrogacy journey that they would have liked to have more relations with their surrogates ? And how many times did we heard surrogates saying that they felt a little bit lost (and alone) during the surrogacy process ? How many of them were disappointed by the lack of services ?

Our goals are, in effect, to safeguard the interests of all the parties involved in the project :

- The surrogates first : all of them have to be prepared for this important project, and this is why our Club is created : in order to provide information, support and resources for women who are interested in what being a surrogate means how it can positively change their life ! This Club aims to provide surrogates a comprehensive guidance throughout their pregnancy journey, but also before and after it.

- Then, the intended parents : in order to facilitate their ideal match with a surrogate, and to find their “magic and perfect woman” in reasonable times but also to help them develop the “best attitude” towards their surrogate.

- The third parties : agencies, clinics, lawyers or any other professional dealing with surrogacy, in order to facilitate them finding the right match with surrogates for their present and future clients and to show them how this wonderful human adventure can be a great success !

Our Strengths: A Closer Look at What Sets Us Apart

We know that many questions are arising when envisaging to become a surrogate ! Among them, “how can I deliver a baby who is not mine “ ? “Could I be too much bonded to that baby and would I feel bad after delivery, and how could I give back the baby to their intended parents ?”. The Club provides testimonials of former surrogates as well as the opportunity to discuss with them. Moreover, the sociological and psychological 40 years’ experiences and researches studies found that almost 99 % of surrogates do not consider the future baby as their own, as they were well prepared to this specific pregnancy. Most of them consider keeping relationships with the newly created family, even though those can be also loose ties. But in all cases, strong relationships remained after many years, and there is no issue about how all the parties involved can develop relationships between themselves : each project is unique, each family is unique, and each surrogate will be unique and create her own story !

At The Surrogates Club, all surrogates will find the responses to their questions ! The Club will namely allow surrogates to exchanges between themselves their own experiences, but also will help them to build their own stories.

At the Surrogates Club, we are committed to delivering high-quality services and paying close attention to the needs and desires of each individual. Our devoted team is here to guide you through every step of your journey, placing emphasis on your well-being, safety, and happiness. Join us today and let us accompany you on the incredible journey of becoming a surrogate. Together, we can create miracles and forge lifelong connections!