Compensation & Benefits

Get the best Support to start your Journey as a Surrogate

The Surrogates Club aims to assist future surrogates in embarking on their journey with ample support, guided by professionals who cater to their needs, especially in terms of compensation and benefits.

How much do I get paid as a Surrogate ?

Creating life and helping a couple become parents is priceless, and surrogates can never be thanked enough for their help. At The Surrogates Club, we strive to ensure that our surrogates receive the best compensation, benefits, and support for the time they dedicate to being a surrogate.

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Why is Financial Stability Required for Surrogacy?

The compensation provided to surrogates is designed to complement their existing income rather than serve as their primary or sole source of revenue. We mandate that surrogates maintain a secure financial foundation, such as their own employment or that of their spouse, and not rely solely on earnings from surrogacy. Regrettably, candidates currently receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children cannot be accepted, as surrogacy compensation could affect their eligibility for state assistance programs.

What is the Average Compensation?

First-time surrogates should expect a base compensation starting from $50,000. Experienced surrogates can make up to $85,000.

Please note that your compensation can vary depending on the state of the surrogacy and the intended parents' expectations. For instance, if the intended parents desire to have twins and transfer two embryos, you may receive higher compensation. You can have an idea of your compensation thanks to our calculator.

Benefits for Surrogates at the Surrogates Club

Benefit from bonuses for obtaining medical clearance and legal clearance.

Continue to receive compensation during any necessary time off from work throughout your pregnancy.

During pregnancy, we want to make sure you continue to live your lifestyle with the best support for your health, with all costs being covered.

You will be consistently supported by our teams and fellow surrogates who are members of our club, both before, during, and after your surrogacy journey.

We love to show appreciation to our surrogates throughout this special journey and beyond. From flowers to gift cards to pregnancy essentials, we take great care in being thoughtful towards the members of our club.

You will be compensated for special events that can occur during your pregnancy, such as twin pregnancy and C-section for exemple.

If we have convinced you to join our club to become a surrogate, we would be delighted to welcome you. Join us by

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