Privacy policy

How we use your information

When you choose to send an inquiry or request information through our website, you will need to provide certain identifying information, including your full name, email address or phone number. You also have the option to include a message. This information will only be utilized for communication purposes. Rest assured that we will handle your personal information in accordance with legal regulations.

Regarding data security, The Surrogates Club employs electronic, physical, and managerial safeguards to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, loss, or disclosure of your information. However, it's important to note that we cannot guarantee absolute protection against any potential disclosure of your identifiable or non-identifiable personal data that might contradict our privacy policy. Additionally, we cannot be held responsible for any security breaches or actions by third parties.

How we use Cookies

Cookies are small files sent from a server to your web browser and stored on your computer. These cookies enable The Surrogates Club to enhance your browsing experience by collecting and retaining information about your preferences as you use the website. Cookies can be accepted or declined, and they do not provide access to your computer or its data.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can modify your settings to decline them if you prefer. However, it's important to note that declining cookies may limit your access to certain features of the website. For more information, please refer to the following links:

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How we use Google Analytics and Google AdWords

Google Analytics is a tracking mechanism that captures data related to users' navigation patterns and how they access the desired information, encompassing search queries utilized and the volume of visits certain websites amass. This data helps us enhance the user experience by optimizing the accessibility of The Surrogates Club to individuals who can derive value from our content. Google Analytics employs cookies to gather such insights. To discontinue involvement in Google Analytics and halt the reception of associated cookies, you can adhere to the following instructions :

We utilize Google AdWords Remarketing as a means of promoting our services across the internet. This tool is also employed to deliver marketing content that aligns with your interests. Through the placement of a cookie on your browsing device, Google AdWords Remarketing showcases personalized advertisements based on the specific sections of our website you explore. This cookie does not identify you nor does it provide access to your device. Instead, it simply acknowledges your page visit, resulting in the display of ads pertaining to the subject matter of that page. Should you wish to abstain from participating in Google AdWords Remarketing, you can do so by visiting this page
Additionally, the option to decline engagement in any third-party vendor's use of cookies can be accessed on this page:

How we use Facebook and Instagram Ads

Our utilization of Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads involves placing advertisements on Facebook and Instagram that offer you the opportunity to provide your personal details directly to us. This facilitates our ability to get in touch with you and engage in discussions about your interest in our services. It's important to note that any personal information submitted through a Facebook or a Instagram Lead Ad is subject to the terms outlined in our privacy policy. We do not intentionally direct Lead Ads towards minors.

How we store our Data

The Surrogates Club holds exclusive ownership rights to databases, software, codes, designs, and all other internally developed applications essential for the provision of our website and services. Meanwhile, you retain complete ownership rights over the data you submit to The Surrogates Club. To deliver our services, we partner with third-party vendors and hosting companies to ensure networking, storage, software, hardware, and other essential technologies are in place.

How we manage your personal information

We have implemented various measures to ensure your access to personal information. At any point in time, you have the option to rectify errors or entirely eliminate your information, provided such action does not conflict with legal obligations or legitimate business purposes. To initiate this process, you must establish your identity and specify the information you wish to view, modify, correct, or delete. While we are committed to accommodating requests, we retain the right to decline those that might compromise others' privacy, appear unrealistic, demand excessive technical effort, or involve unauthorized access. If we grant users access to their personal data, it is typically offered free of charge, unless significant effort on our part is necessary.

Should you want to access, modify, or delete your personal information, kindly reach out to us. In the case of information removal requests, we commit to completing the process within 7 business days upon receiving your request.

We updated our privacy policy on August 8, 2023.