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Testimonials from Parents who chose Surrogacy

« Ashley, the woman who carried my son Gaspard, is like my soulmate, and I cherish her a lot » - Muriel

After experiencing 3 miscarriages, we decided to pursue surrogacy in California with the guidance of medical experts and a specialized association. It took almost 2 years to find the perfect surrogate, Ashley, who was incredibly altruistic and eager to help a couple, especially being French. The embryo transfer was a success, and Ashley's pregnancy went smoothly. Our beloved baby Gaspard was born healthy in December 2022, bringing immense happiness into our lives. We cannot express enough gratitude to Ashley for this incredible gift. We maintain regular contact with her through WhatsApp and Skype, exchanging photos and videos. Ashley is like family to us, and we cherish our deep connection. She is an amazing woman, and we look forward to spending Christmas together with her and her family in France. Gaspard will undoubtedly receive many gifts from his special surrogate, who holds a special place in our hearts. She is like my soulmate, and I cherish her a lot.

- Muriel and Franck, 38 and 40 years old.

« Thank you, Isabella, for your gift, your constant support and help » - Deborah

Surrogacy was the only means to start my family after being diagnosed with uterine cancer. I was keen to work with knowledgeable and experienced professions in order to find the perfect matching surrogate to assist me in my project. Isabella provided exactly what I needed, and even more. She is so kind, efficient, and supportive. Her pregnancy was so good and trouble-free that I was always admiring her! She was so open and wonderful that I was the one who needed help! She allowed me to achieve my dream, and as such. She is so wonderful! I am so happy that we have became close friends. Thank you, Isabella, for your gift, your constant support and help. Our little boy, now almost 2 years old, is our gem and the most precious gift we got in this world. Thanks Isabella!

- Deborah and Peter, 35 and 39 years old

« I am sure that we would not be where we are today without Ellen, so I will always remember what she did for us» - Kenza

When we decided to start our journey of surrogacy, we had the chance to receive all the information and support we needed. We received profiles of surrogates and had the opportunity to contact the surrogates we were interested in getting to know. There were so many wonderful women whose profiles we scrutinized, but one special profile caught our eyes, and we matched with Ellen. This match led to a pregnancy and the birth of our beautiful twin daughters, Laura and Sophia, born in Florida in 2019. Since we are from Belgium, we wish we could have traveled more often to Florida, as we would have preferred to see her. I am sure that we would not be where we are today without her, so I will always remember what she did for us.

- Kenza and Michel, 38 and 43 years old

Testimonials from Children who were born thanks to Surrogacy

« I will never be grateful enough to my surrogate to have helped my parents becoming mummy and daddy. Without her, me and my twin sister would not exist » - Valentina M.

My mom suffers from MRKH syndrome , a rare condition in which women are born without an utero. She discovered her infertility and had given up on the idea of having a baby before meeting my dad, who reignited her desire to start a family. They initially considered adoption, but soon learned about the high demand and long waiting lists in France. It was during their numerous medical consultations that a doctor informed them that surrogacy “only way for them to have children”, and although illegal in France, was legally practiced in the United States.

My parents always made sure that my twin and I were aware of the fact that we were born through surrogacy and with the help of egg donation. From a young age, they used visual aids and explanations to help us understand how we came into this world. We always lived in France, but we would regularly visit the United States, where we had a so much history ! We always knew our surrogate and egg donor. In fact, our egg donor was a close friend of my mother before our birth, and their friendship continued to grow stronger through this incredible gift. Even though there was distance, we had the privilege of seeing our surrogate almost every year. We developed a close bond with her children, who were slightly older than us, and we spent a lot of time playing and laughing together. Our surrogate and my mom had a deep connection and became very close over the years. When people ask, I simply describe our surrogate as my mom's best friend, with the added joy of seeing her looking proud when she sees my sister and me. I wouldn't be here without surrogacy, and I sincerely hope that couples who have experienced the pain of infertility, like my parents did, can find the same joy and fulfilment in creating their own families.

- Valentina M.

« Even if I don’t meet a lot my surrogate, I kwnow who she is, where to find her, and I can have relationships with her if I decide so. This looks enough for me and my twin sister » - Emma P.

My name is Emma, I am 20 years old, and I am a law student. I believe I have always known that I was born through surrogacy, along with my twin sister. Our parents did not have to "announce" it to us, as we already had a sense that something special had happened. They couldn't conceive, and after several years and multiple meetings with a French association, they decided to pursue surrogacy in California, in San Diego. The fact of being born through surrogacy has no impact on my personal life, and I don't talk about it much around me because it doesn't define who I am. At the end of the day, I am very proud of the circumstances of my birth! I am glad to share my story as it gives me the opportunity to tell people how beautiful it is, a proof of love from my parents and also from my surrogate. I wish everyone had the chance to become a parent and to have a family. I don't have much ongoing relationship with the surrogate, but I know who she is, and that I can see her if I want to, and most importantly, I know where to find her. I am very grateful to her for helping my parents because otherwise... I wouldn't exist!

- Emma P.