Why surrogacy ?

Understanding the Reasons Behind Choosing Gestational Surrogacy

Surrogate Mother Supported by her Husband

The Purpose of The Surrogates Club: Supporting Women Considering Becoming Surrogates

For many couples, traditional methods of conception and assisted reproductive technologies may not provide a viable solution. In such cases, surrogacy becomes a beacon of hope. In fact, One among six persons in the world is affected by infertility, highlighing the urgent need to increase access to affordable and high-quality care (World Health Organization, 2023). Infertility can arise from various factors, including medical conditions, genetic issues, or unexplained circumstances. Regardless of the cause, the toll it takes on couples is undeniable. They endure a rollercoaster of emotions, grapple with feelings of loss and grief, and navigate through countless medical procedures and fertility treatments. We must also mention the single persons (who are becoming more numerous today) who want to become parent, as well as gay couples (in USA 30% of the projects of surrogacy are from gay individuals).

In their pursuit of parenthood, people often turn to surrogacy as a means to overcome the challenges they face. Surrogacy allows them to find a compassionate and selfless woman who is willing to carry their baby and bring it into the world. It provides a ray of hope and a chance for couples to experience the joy of biological parenthood, despite their own fertility struggles.

At The Surrogates Club, we are dedicated to offering steadfast support, guidance, and fostering a compassionate community throughout the surrogacy process. Our mission is to assist surrogates in finding the ideal match with intended parents and provide them with ongoing support, attention, and assistance throughout their journey.

There are numerous reasons that might necessitate the use of a surrogate to have a baby :

- Absence of a uterus
- Structural issues with the uterus
- Endometriosis
- Advanced maternal age
- Challenging prior pregnancies
- Complications during delivery
- Severe medical conditions
- Recurrent miscarriages and multiple IVF failures
- Same-sex male couples and single men