The process of becoming a surrogate

Exploring the Path to Surrogacy: Becoming a Surrogate

Offer the precious gift of life and family to those unable to conceive while benefiting from the best environment and support. At Surrogate Club, you'll receive unwavering support and exceptional care from our devoted team, who are dedicated to your well-being.Join our close-knit Surrogate Clubcommunity and embark on a profoundly rewarding journey while forging long-lasting connections.

Step 1 : Complete Surrogate application

Becoming a surrogate is a significant decision to make. Before completing our application, please ensure that you have reviewed all the information regarding the requirements, process, and compensation. We also highly recommend contacting us to schedule a call with a former surrogate who can share her experience and answer your questions.

Step 2 : Initial video call

If you meet our requirements, we will schedule a call with you to get to know you, and to discuss the process of becoming a surrogate, provide an overview of what we do at Surrogate Club, and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3 : Review of your medical history

After an initial call, you will be asked to fill a questionary focused on your medical history. Afterwards, an IVF doctor will review these documents for medical pre-approval, ensuring that you meet the necessary medical criteria for surrogacy and can proceed with this journey in the healthiest manner possible.

Step 4 : Medical information call

We will then arrange a call with you to explain the medical aspects of the surrogacy process and address any questions you may have. During this call, we will discuss the IVF screening, cycle, and transfer, as well as any other relevant considerations specific to your journey.

Step 5 : Welcome to the Surrogate Club !

Once we have confirmed your medical eligibility for surrogacy, you will receive all the required paperwork and information pertaining to being a surrogate. You will also be provided with other pertinent details and forms for authorizing routine background checks for both you and your partner. Additionally, the package will include instructions to provide copies of your driver's license and pay stubs, which will be used to accurately calculate surrogate compensation, including any potential future lost wages

Step 6 : Criminal and financial background check

After the medical check, we will make sure that you (and your partner if you have one) do not have any criminal background, and that you are in stable financial situation. Our objective is to ensure that you do not pose any risk to any person involved in this journey and that your motivation to help a couple become parents is not solely financial.

Step 7 : Financial information call

A coordinator will meet with you to discuss your compensation and address any financial inquiries you may have. As a member of our club, you will be rewarded both emotionally and financially for your gift. Throughout this whole journey, our team will be dedicated to provide you with emotional support and thoughtful gifts

Step 8 : Preparation call

During this call, we will thoroughly go over your responsibilities and expectations as a surrogate. Our intention is not to frighten you, but rather to underscore the importance of your role and offer support in every possible way. We will assign a dedicated coordinator to you who will gladly address any questions or concerns you may have, providing reassurance along the way.

Step 9 : Matching

Once you have successfully completed the process, you will be ready to find your match. Your coordinator, together with the Team, will consider your preferences, personality, medical history, and state laws to carefully match you with the perfect agency and intended parents. You will receive a letter from the intended parents, accompanied by photos. If you resonate with the letter and believe that this individual or couple is the right match for you, your coordinator will arrange an initial video conference meeting to solidify the match. We very are excited to welcome you into our Surrogate Club and to help you get through this incredible journey !